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Who is Mighty Community Advocacy?

We are a Fresno local non-profit grassroots organization that centers healing, safety, and education in our community youth.  Mighty Community Advocacy was founded for our youth in Central Valley who are in need of advocacy in our county's current oppressive systems such as hospitals, courts, and educational institutions.  We believe that all of our youth deserve body autonomy, trauma-informed care, agency over their own cases, and a thoughtful supportive reentry to community.  With our acceptance into California's Medi-Cal Provider Program we are now able to offer modified services (with virtual sessions) thru out the state of California.  


Our 2023 focus is on pregnant youth and young parents healing thru our Pregnant Youth Program

"If you have a womb you deserve Trauma- informed, evidence based care however you decide to use it."
~Nishea Balajadia
Executive Director of Mighty Community Advocacy

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