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 Mighty Community Advocacy Foundational Beliefs

  1. We believe that every person, citizen or immigrant or refugee, deserves to have access to healing systems in pursuit of processing their trauma and finding peace.  

  2. We understand that the current systems of support, justice, education, and health are all currently lacking in intersectionality, anti-racism, and community care.  But that is the way these systems of oppression were designed.  

  3. We see our hurting communities as the consequence of hundreds of years of  oppression and colonization.  

  4. We believe that Black and Indigenous people should be protected from the violence that pursues them.  

  5. We know that the system of change to healthier communities is survivor centered care, anti-racist programming, more resources, and shared equity of the whole community we live in.

  6. We understand that equity in communities means deeper roots which leads to more growth in the community.   

  7. We are made up of the very people who have been hurt by the systems we are encouraged to rely on and that we are actively fighting against. 

  8. We believe that communities function as ecosystems and villages. Everyone has their own strengths and functions, coming together to help support and allow our communities to thrive.

  9. We see the lack of resources for our Black and BIPOC LGBTQ+ siblings and are fighting for their equity in our healing systems as they are commonly left out in planning of programs and services for gender based violence support.

  10. We recognize that what may be accessible for one person is not for another, we are fighting for their equity in the land.

  11. We are fighting for the safety, peace, and equity of our Black Trans sisters.  As the most oppressed person in the US are Black transwomen. Once ALL Black Women are safe, we are all safe

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